Hello there, my name is Austin Brown and I'm a Senior Compositor (not a website developer) living in Los Angeles. I work mainly in Nuke, Flame, and Nuke studio. Here's a collection of links to stuff I've worked on. If any of the links are broken, feel free to shoot me an email.

I'm also part of a worker owned VFX Co-operative called Nexodus. Their website is much prettier than mine. I also have a profile page over there you can check out.

I also like to develop tools and work on pipelines. It's harder to show in this linked list, but it's a fun time. I've worked on pipelines for Sandwich, JAMM, Psyop. Would love to get into more of that.

Projects over at Psyop

Projects over at Scholar:

Projects over at Sandwich:

Project over at Joint Editorial

Project over at Modern Logic:

Projects over at Carbon:

And lastly here's a link to my IMDB page.

I have also worked on more secretive projects that I'm not allowed to talk about in public.

Hope that helps, and look forward to hearing from you soon.